Poster-izer Assessment

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Poster-izer Assessment

Sungard Availability Services<sup>&reg;</sup>

The Short Version

Sungard Availability Services needed to get more eyeballs on, and awareness for, their business resilience and disaster recovery capabilities. Bulldog’s solution: an interactive program that put users in the great outdoors.


Sungard’s marketing team wanted exciting creative concepts to keep the brand front and center for IT professionals. They turned to Bulldog to develop a communication strategy to drive users into deeper-level content, while gathering actionable information about the people engaging with it.


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Given the IT themes of the subject matter, “resilience” and “disaster recovery,” Bulldog sought inspiration outside the world of IT—the actual outside world. Inspired by Bear Grylls and other outdoor survival reality TV, Bulldog created a series of unconventional content experiences, including a “Poster-izer”—a playful experience that allowed IT professionals to develop a custom poster of themselves as an “IT Survivor” after answering a few key questions.

The assessment form asked audiences what kept them up at night—a simple way to understand their role in the IT department. The final poster was funny, full of links to learn more about Sungard solutions, and, of course, easily sharable on social media. Users’ results made them more likely to want to learn about Sungard’s solutions to help alleviate their concerns. And it hit the sweet spot: The highest-performing job title was Director of IT, perfectly aligned to campaign goals.

The Results

This campaign brought Sungard some stellar results, including:


Higher Rates

Click-through rates that were 2x Sungard's average.



Campaign drove reactivation by 5.2% (double the goal).



A 3x reactivation of Sungard's finance audience (CFO, etc.).

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