Mission Impossible: Open the Door to the C-Suite

Client Snapshot

Mission Impossible: Opening the Door to the C-Suite

Bottomlinme Technologies<sup>&reg;</sup>

The Short Version

Bottomline Technologies went beyond traditional B2B marketing to create a bold, account-based marketing (ABM) program using a hyperpersonal, digitally enabled, and digitally tracked premium mailer to get the attention of senior-level executives while delivering a wildly creative digital experience—physically.


Introduce a new offering to C-level decision makers.

As a leading international security company, Bottomline helps businesses and banks build deeper customer and partner relationships with an easy-to-use set of cloud-based digital banking, fraud prevention, payment, financial document, insurance, and healthcare solutions.

After realizing that engaging C-suite executives is a hard task, Bottomline approached Bulldog for a smart and unique creative solution to grab this elite group’s attention. A direct-mail campaign quickly became the obvious choice.





A spy-themed ABM campaign drove strong engagement.

Bulldog needed to create a sense of urgency around Bottomline’s new product. The first step: Developing a premium direct mailer to pique interest with prospective clients that established Bottomline as a premier provider and conveyed a tantalizing chance to learn more about a new product.

Bulldog then crafted a highly personalized campaign that issued a challenge fit for James Bond. The mission: Take a brief meeting with a “point of contact” at Bottomline.

Of course, a message from an international security organization is rarely delivered in a conventional way. With that in mind, Bulldog orchestrated a one-of-a-kind ABM campaign that delivered a digital experience on a tablet using direct mail as the channel. See the full experience here.

The Results

It turns out C-level cybersecurity executives and spies have a lot in common.


Conversion Rate from the Initial Engagement to Accepting a Sales Call.

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How it Worked

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