Mind Your Business

Client Snapshot

Norton Drives Engagement with Social Video Marketing

Norton by Symantec

The Short Version

Bulldog’s “Mind Your Business” video broke the über-serious mold of cybersecurity product marketing to boost engagement with the Norton Small Business audience. The video showcases threat prevention tools in a fun, shareable way that stands out from typical fear-based messaging.

The Opportunity

Promote a cybersecurity solution to hard-to-reach SMB IT pros.

A division of cybersecurity giant Symantec, Norton tapped Bulldog to promote their solution for companies with fewer than 20 employees: Norton Small Business. This user-friendly program protects small businesses against malware, phishing, ransomware, adware, viruses, and more.

Initial market research revealed an over saturation of fear-based, business-focused, tech-heavy messaging that often alienated small businesses. Moreover, Norton wanted to distinguish itself from Symantec’s booming, enterprise-level brand voice and appeal to decision-makers on a more human level.




The Solution

Get in the minds of SMB IT pros with an instantly shareable campaign.

Bulldog’s strategy for making Norton Small Business stand out? Talk to decision-makers on a more personal level, in a way they find both entertaining and informative. Humanize the problem, then focus on the solution. And—in total contrast to the Symantec parent brand image—be funny.

The Bulldog team conceptualized and produced a short video designed specifically to be shared on social media. “Mind Your Business” features an endearing cast of young professionals going about their everyday office lives and running into everyday office problems. Rather than terrifying, the issues portrayed are accessible—and the solutions presented, practical.

The video gave Norton Small Business a chance to show it truly understands the wants and needs of its audience. It acknowledges the vulnerability inherent in all of us, telling an empathetic story makes their brand more relate-able. And it has just the right amount of office humor sprinkled in for good measure.

The Results

Norton not only humanized the issue of cybersecurity through humor—it positioned its solution as a human-friendly fix. The results speak for themselves.

Some of the most exciting work ever produced by a traditionally serious brand

Conveys the benefits of the product without getting too far into the technical weeds

Acknowledges the dangers of unchecked cyberthreats without using fear tactics

The Video

An opportunity for Norton Small Business to show that they truly understand the wants and needs of their audience.

Social Engagement Video

Acknowledges the vulnerability inherent in all of us. Telling an empathetic story makes their brand more relatable. And it has just the right amount of office humor sprinkled in for good measure.

Screen 1

An unsuspecting small-business employee unwittingly clicks what he thinks is a funny cat video. Actors with comedic backgrounds were cast to ensure the right tone.

Screen 2

Of course, the link instead exposes his computer to a malicious cyberthreat. Walking the line between anxiety and fear was key.

Screen 3

Some fun intra-office antics ensue, punctuated by the admonishments and assurances of an all-knowing narrator. Shooting took place at Bulldog to get the most bang for our budgeting buck.

Screen 4

Product features and benefits are interspersed throughout. Turns out, the entire episode, including the “test email” and malicious link, was part of the Norton Small Business solution from the start.

Screen 5

The video was deployed as sponsored content and drove social engagement of hypertargeted recipients in social channels across healthcare, finance, and other highly regulated industries.