IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz

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IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz

Frontier Business

The Short Version

At the center of a campaign to celebrate geekdom and raise awareness for Frontier Communications, Bulldog’s IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz rated visitors on their levels of IT know-how and performed at record levels.


Frontier Communications, one of the largest telecom providers in the U.S., leaned on Bulldog to provide direction to their brand, ramp up campaign efforts, and help drive new leads. Bulldog learned that Frontier had the lowest customer attrition rate in the industry, thanks to feedback that revealed Frontier provided a higher quality of personal attention and more individualized solutions. They took the time to understand the quirks and values of the people and businesses they supported—and they wanted to get the word out.





Frontier’s audience—primarily IT professionals—have one huge thing in common: They’re geeks. And, that’s not a pejorative term—in the age of Elon Musk and Bill Gates, geeks are great. Since Frontier supports IT pros who fly their geek flag proudly, Bulldog’s efforts focused on celebrating them.

The Bulldog team created a character IT professionals could relate to: an IT Sage. The Sage came to life through a big social push with 15-second teasers, as well as an inbound media campaign and email nurture.

At the center of the campaign was a personalized video that invited audiences to take the IT-Pro-Inner-Geek Quiz. It proclaimed, “You know you’re the IT pro around your office, and we know it too. But now it’s time to prove it to the rest of the world.”

By answering questions about how they ran their IT networks, visitors were ranked on a scale of geekdom, like “Gigabyte Guardian,” “Pocket Protector Defender,” and “King Geek.” And their answers offered fantastic insights into Frontier’s audience.

The Results

Combined, these efforts generated some big results:


New Leads

Campaign generated 5,000 new leads.



One of the highest performing social media campaigns in Frontier's history.



520% increase during share of voice during #GeekWeek.

Personalized Video

Landing Page

Landing Page



Social Media

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