An IT Approach to Holiday Resiliency

Client Snapshot

Sungard Takes an IT Approach to Holiday Resiliency

Sungard Availability Services

The Short Version

To hammer home the importance of being prepared for anything IT, Bulldog worked with Sungard, a leading provider of business continuity solutions, to build a holiday-themed campaign with seasonal tips on how to combat threats inside and outside of the office.


Educate, entertain, and reel in IT professionals with a relatable campaign.

A fine-tuned disaster recovery solution might seem like a nice-to-have IT process—until Mike from Marketing is frantically asking where his client presentation went. Sungard’s customers depend on Sungard to ensure mission critical systems, data, and applications stay online.

But while Sungard knew its customers took data availability seriously, it needed to inject some fun into an otherwise serious conversation. Moreover, Sungard wanted to develop an end-of-the-year push for leads during the holiday season—typically a not-so-easy time to grab people’s attention—to promote its three central business units: disaster recovery, cloud services, and business resiliency solutions. And that meant partnering with Bulldog.


Holiday Resliency



An integrated campaign with videos, email, social, PR, and paid media.

Bulldog wanted to help Sungard pay tribute to IT pros, acknowledging their work in the office—and at home during the holidays—in a three-part campaign of holiday-themed videos. Each video, in turn, was dedicated to one of Sungard’s three central business units.

At the center of the campaign: A savvy IT pro hero able to steer clear of obstacles at home thanks to the skills honed over the course of a career putting out fires. The overarching message: Use what you know as an IT pro to survive your family over the holidays—and secure your business.

But the video-based campaign was just the centerpiece. Bulldog also developed a campaign landing page and crafted a 360-degree integrated marketing campaign covering off on email, social media, PR, and paid media. What’s more, the videos included an interactive call-to-action button that prompted viewers to download a corresponding white paper.

The Results

Sungard saw a spike in email click-through rates, won several marketing awards, and set internal lead-generation records.


Higher Click-through rate than average


IT Professionals Engaged


Higher Click-to-open
rates than average

The Campaign

This series of videos took direct inspiration from Wes Anderson. Bulldog tasked its video direction to model the famous director’s unique style. This artistic direction was then carried through the email and landing page illustrations.

Holiday Resiliency Video: Chapter 1
Holiday Resiliency Video: Chapter 2
Holiday Resiliency Video: Chapter 3

Emails & Banners

Examples of an email and media banner strategy that drove to a consolidated campaign microsite, "Holiday Resiliency: A Surefire IT Approach to Surviving the Family Visit."



Landing Page

Once visitors reached a landing page, they found three fun campaign videos that hammered home how IT pros can use their survival skills to confront the family holidays.

Landing Page

Interactive Video

Bulldog used interactive designs to build clickable calls to actions directly into each video, transforming them into springboards to the sales cycle. If someone clicked a download button, they would get a white paper related to the content of the video.

Interactive Video