A Fresh Take on Renewal Campaigns

Client Snapshot

A Fresh Take on Renewal Campaigns


The Short Version

When Symantec needed to overhaul its product renewal emails, Bulldog created a campaign that humanized a common IT challenge and embraced the beauty of a mundane workday

The Opportunity

Symantec’s marketing team needed a new email campaign that would drive more product renewals for Symantec Endpoint Protection. But they faced a challenge in crafting a message that resonated with IT professionals—a group that’s notoriously resistant to most marketing efforts.

To better engage Symantec customers, Bulldog shifted the focus from how the software could benefit a company and instead highlighted how it could improve the life of the person on the receiving end of the email.


The Solution

Bulldog knows IT pros. They’re smart, practical, and they don’t respond to marketing that promises the moon when all they really want is a reliable virus scanner.

We brought the messaging down to Earth with renewal messages that got real about what the software could do: make workdays uneventful and drama-free.

Featuring the relaxed, unstressed faces of IT pros, the campaign delivered amusing and unexpected messaging like “Make your days as anticlimactic as Drew’s” and “Kyle’s workload is underwhelming. You’re welcome, Kyle.”

By highlighting the human-centered goals of IT pros—reasonable schedules and disaster-free days—Symantec struck a chord. The result? A sharp surge in engagement.

The Results

Symantec saw an immediate response to the new emails, including:


Increase in Unique Open Rate


Increase in Renewal Click Rate


Increase in Unique Click Rate



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Average Renewal Clicks Per Day

Unique Open Rate by Audience

Unique Click Rate By Audience