Filling 70% of Sales Pipeline for a New Product

Client Snapshot

ISACA Division Fills 70% of Sales Pipeline for a New Product


The Short Version

The demand for technically skilled cybersecurity professionals is rapidly outgrowing the supply. The information security (IS) and information technology (IT) organization ISACA partnered with Bulldog to launch a revolutionary new cybersecurity training and assessment platform to help address this shortage. The results far exceeded the initial goals—not to mention the clients’ expectations.

The Opportunity

Break into cybersecurity (pun intended).

ISACA is a well-respected, nonprofit association for IS and IT professionals with members all over the world. Its reputation for training and certification in IT governance, audit, risk, and security management is second to none—but it was relatively unknown outside of those areas.

So, when it developed an innovative cybersecurity training and assessment platform, ISACA had to establish its expertise in the field while launching it—all with the limited budget and sparse sales team of a nonprofit. And that meant partnering with Bulldog.


Cyber Security Training Just Got Real


The Solution

Strategically leveraging existing resources.

Bulldog did extensive research and discovery to identify the pain points that would resonate with the intended audience for this campaign: IT and cybersecurity managers who need a better way to assess, build, and validate cybersecurity skills on their teams. Bulldog then developed a compelling concept that spoke to those needs in simple terms and crafted a campaign launch strategy to drive it home.

With over 140,000 professional members worldwide, ISACA has the unique advantage of a preexisting constituency. Leveraging its database made it possible to deliver compelling messaging to relevant contacts via an integrated campaign. This included an email nurture track with purpose-built articles and infographics, plus print and banner ads promoting a one-on-one demo of the platform.

Bulldog also provided support for ISACA’s internal teams throughout the launch in the form of a sales enablement toolkit and modular educational product video.

The Results

“More leads than we know what to do with”: ISACA lands itself with a great problem.

Filled Over


Of The Annual Sales Pipeline

Engaged an Additional


of its Database



Form Fills

The Campaign

How do you expose problems with traditional training and position CSX as the solution? In one fell swoop.

Interactive Demo Video

To take some pressure off of the limited demo team, we created a modular video mapping the major benefits and differentiators of the platform to key industry pain points.


ISACA’s CSX Training Platform made the logical leap from typical off-site, lecture-based learning to real-world, on-demand cybersecurity training. The campaign conveyed this shift and resonated with enterprise IT decision-makers struggling to find technically skilled security pros.


Custom Content

Articles and infographics for the email nurture outlined the flaws in traditional training and the benefits of ISACA’s solution.

Custom Content

Landing Page

This simple landing page pulled the concept and messaging through and directed interested parties to watch a live demo.

Landing Page


Sales Enablement Toolkit


This linked PDF contains everything from background and messaging to prospecting email samples and a sales presentation.

Sales Enablement Toolkit