Escaping the B2B Zombie Apocalypse

Client Snapshot

Sungard Escapes the B2B Zombie Apocalypse

Sungard Availability Services

The Short Version

What do zombies, disaster recovery, business resiliency, cloud computing, and three B2B marketing awards have in common? They all played key roles in an unconventional campaign to generate top-of-funnel awareness for Sungard Availability Services.


Create a fun primer on the benefits of business continuity for IT pros.

Data recovery—a serious, and often stress-inducing, topic that keeps IT professionals on their toes (after all, no IT pro wants to be the one to tell their CEO that they won’t be able to get back all those files after a disaster strikes—like a hurricane or a snowpocalypse).

At Sungard, the VP of Marketing came across a satirical press release from the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This followed a string of instances in pop culture from The Walking Dead to World War Z where zombies were dominating entertainment. Sungard’s big ask: Make business continuity as interesting as surviving the zombie apocalypse.

And that led to a eureka moment: Why not just make business continuity and disaster recovery about the zombie apocalypse? Zombies are, after all, a metaphor for the unknown threats we can’t control.


Survive a Zombie Attack



An undead campaign centered around IT survival.

Zombies are more than a pop-culture phenomenon—they’re also uniquely suited to developing instantly shareable digital content and high-performing direct mail campaigns.

Bulldog started off by building a content series that encouraged readers to identify vital materials for recovery, establish priorities, and adapt to changes. Each piece drove readers to take different actions, and they all tied back to the campaign’s overarching theme of IT survival.

From there, Bulldog helped develop creative materials for an end-to-end marketing strategy that included thematic emails, landing pages, social media, and paid media. Bulldog also helped inspire an account-based direct mail campaign, sketching out what IT executives at key organizations might get to keep in theme with the campaign writ large.

The Results

With its undead IT survival campaign, Sungard saw record engagement metrics and recognition from influential third-party media publications—and the press.

MarketingSherpa Email Award for Lead Generation
Triple-Crown winner in B2B Magazine for Best Creative Award Campaign
Stevie® Award nomination for Best B2B Creative Marketing Campaign

Sungard Availability Services won multiple marketing awards by teaming up with Bulldog Solutions for a series of campaigns. Striking the right balance between content, creativity, and demand generation, these campaigns netted record engagement rates and leads.

—Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research