Robin Campana

Vice President of Finance

Robin Campana is our calm, cool, collected VP of Finance. Her inexplicable passion for headache-inducing details is evident in the laser-accurate reporting, budgeting, and forecasting she uses to advise our board and leadership team at every critical turn.

As if we weren’t keeping her busy enough, Robin is also currently an author and contributor to Forbes Finance Council, Board Member and VP of Diversity and Inclusion for the Austin Chapter of Financial Executives, and Executive Chair for Bulldog's own charitable committee, Dogs for the Ethical Treatment of People (DeTP).

Since earning her BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin, Robin has racked up senior executive financial leadership experience in advertising, marketing, tech, and healthcare. She’s also earned a multitude of awards, including Most Influential Woman in Finance & HR (2018 Global CFO Awards) and Marketing Finance VP of the Year (2017 CFO Review).

Robin bleeds burnt orange. Did we mention Robin went to UT? Because she mentions it about every five minutes for the entirety of the college football season.

Her football fanaticism doesn’t stop there. Robin recently leveled up from avid fantasy football player to Commissioner of the Bulldog Solutions Fantasy Football league.

We’re not the only hive keeping her buzzy. Robin houses two beehives on her property in Lampasas, Texas. All hail the queen.

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