Randy Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Randy Watson’s open door, razor-sharp mind, and big heart have earned him a lot of brownie points as Bulldog’s Chief Executive Officer. There’s no one better suited to steer our company, lead our teams, drive client success, and deliver on our business value promise.
Before landing the gig of a lifetime here at Bulldog, Randy served in executive roles at Acxiom and Alltel Information Systems and held numerous leadership roles beyond. All focused on developing repeatable, customer-centric innovations, value-driven go-to-market strategies, and kick-ass professional relationships that have endured to this day.
Randy earned his Bachelor of Science degree in International Trade and Finance from Louisiana State University, where he also acquired 90 percent of his Friday wardrobe.
Randy is probably in better shape than you. That’s because when he’s not working, he’s running, hiking, biking, and chasing lost golf balls around the local course.
Watsons run the world. Randy and his wife, Malinda, have four grown children spread across Texas, Doha, Qatar, and Guangzhou, China.
The man knows his way around airport security. Randy and Malinda love traveling together, often visiting their daughters and grandchildren overseas.

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The 4 Values of an Effective B2B Marketer

A couple of years ago, our leadership team spent some time defining the qualities that we cared most about; the attributes we hire by and look for in great clients. We feel strongly that these four qualities make the best B2B marketers...

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Part 5: Five Steps to Thriving in the Age of the Customer

After weeks of studying what it takes to thrive in the age of the customer, we conclude this series with five recommendations for transforming your marketing efforts, so you can lead your company to greater success. Sure it's hard, and there will be obstacles, but it’s a journey worth taking.

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Part 3: Customer Obsession Relies on Marketing

If it feels like you’re a little behind or perhaps struggling to keep up with ever-increasing customer demands, you‘re not alone. It could be that the 20-year business cycle in which the most successful enterprises are reinventing themselves to understand and serve increasingly powerful customers is already 30% behind us. That's right, this cycle Forrester deemed the age of the customer started in 2010 and has been going strong for over six years now—and it’s really beginning to pick up speed.

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Part 2: Customer Obsession Is Essential

Customers are more empowered than ever before, and they’re increasingly expecting more out of the companies they choose to work with. Let's explore how empowered customers make customer obsession a “must-have” rather than a “nice-to-have.”

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Part 1: Who Survives and Thrives in the Age of the Customer?

Unless you've spent the last few years with your head buried in your demand waterfall, you've noticed that customers aren’t buying the way they used to. They have more access to information, making them more proactive in finding the information and products they want. As a result, customers are more informed and knowledgeable than ever before.

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ABM: An Ancient Practice? Part 2

In the last post, we talked about the evolution of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the hottest little 40-year-old trend around. This insight led us to beg the question: If it’s not new, what’s the big deal?

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ABM: An Ancient Practice?

There’s no denying that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is hotter than hot. I’ve been to all of the big B2B marketing conferences this year, and the topic is being discussed everywhere. However, despite the recent hype, ABM experts agree that ABM is not a new concept. So if ABM isn’t new, where did it come from?

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Bulldog Executive Leadership

Rob Solomon

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Nothing—and we mean nothing—gets past this dude. Rob can smell an unturned stone at 100 paces, and he won’t rest until every logical flaw is vanquished. Lucky for us, he’s also one of the most likable and down-to-earth people we know.

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Chris Parisi

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

If we had a dime for every time someone said, “Talk to Chris about it,” we’d be swimming in them. Our illustrious COO/CTO is the glue that holds us all together with endless patience, supernatural “techspertise”—and lots of chewing gum.

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Brian Maschler

Chief Creative Officer

Brian talks about B2B marketing creative the way most people talk about their favorite band. His passion keeps us fired up, and his constant pursuit of innovation sets the bar at Bulldog. From tactics to concepts to his facial hair, Maschler keeps it #fresh.

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Robin Campana

Vice President of Finance

Bulldog’s finances are locked securely in the long horns of this proud UT alumnus. Award-winning money maven by day, beekeeping fantasy football commissioner by night, Robin keeps us all on budget, on track, and on (decimal) point.

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Willow J. McIndoo

Director of Talent & Human Resources

Never have we known a person whose name so aptly fits them as Willow J. McIndoo. Her breezy approachability is rooted in confidence, nurtured by deep HR experience, and positively blooming with the kind of wisdom only a cat-loving bibliophile could possess.

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