Chris Parisi

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer Chris Parisi has come a looong way since his days as the very first employee at Bulldog. Starting as a marketing automation and CRM expert, Chris’s responsibilities have grown over the years to encompass agency infrastructure across all operational disciplines.
Martech best practices? Talk to Chris about it.
Agile management and workflow? Talk to Chris about it. Information technology, security, or compliance? You get the idea.
Chris has over a decade of experience delivering complex sales and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He has been instrumental in forming and maintaining our partner relationships with Eloqua (Oracle), Marketo, Salesforce, and others. And despite his ever-expanding role, Chris maintains his Eloqua and Salesforce certifications, staying true to his roots and up on the latest and greatest in marketing technology.
He knows who really runs the show. Chris is just plain crazy about his wife and twin daughters. He spends most of his time outside of Bulldog happily doing whatever they want.
A brewing hipster is a…Brewster? Chris brews his own beer and wants everyone to know he’s been a craft suds snob since way before it was “cool.”
Chris doesn’t miss a beat—but he does drop them. An old-school hip-hop aficionado and amateur DJ from way back, Chris still spins for fun at home with his smallest fans cheering him on.

Bulldog Executive Leadership

Rob Solomon

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Nothing—and we mean nothing—gets past this dude. Rob can smell an unturned stone at 100 paces, and he won’t rest until every logical flaw is vanquished. Lucky for us, he’s also one of the most likable and down-to-earth people we know.

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Randy Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless, purple-and-gold-clad leader loves three things above all else: his family, LSU sports, and Bulldog. Only Randy can keep us all laughing and engaged whether we’re celebrating victories at a company-wide happy hour or poring over tedious spreadsheets.

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Brian Maschler

Chief Creative Officer

Brian talks about B2B marketing creative the way most people talk about their favorite band. His passion keeps us fired up, and his constant pursuit of innovation sets the bar at Bulldog. From tactics to concepts to his facial hair, Maschler keeps it #fresh.

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Robin Campana

Vice President of Finance

Bulldog’s finances are locked securely in the long horns of this proud UT alumnus. Award-winning money maven by day, beekeeping fantasy football commissioner by night, Robin keeps us all on budget, on track, and on (decimal) point.

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Willow J. McIndoo

Director of Talent & Human Resources

Never have we known a person whose name so aptly fits them as Willow J. McIndoo. Her breezy approachability is rooted in confidence, nurtured by deep HR experience, and positively blooming with the kind of wisdom only a cat-loving bibliophile could possess.

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