Brian Maschler

Chief Creative Officer

Chief Creative Officer Brian Maschler embodies the heart and soul of our “wildly creative, totally geek” motto. With every new campaign, he looks for opportunities to combine the latest marketing technologies with creative ideas that shatter campaign performance records.
No task too large or small, Brian ping-pongs between Executive Creative Director, Strategic Consultant, and Tagline Writer duties on a daily basis—but we couldn’t fit all that on his business cards. He’s a marketing and multimedia veteran who has developed creative and go-to-market strategies for leading B2B brands across the world.
Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Animation and Graphic Design from Missouri State University. Since early 2008, he’s led campaigns for IBM, Box, TD Ameritrade Institutional, Frontier Communications, Time Warner, Intel Healthcare, Bazaarvoice, BlackBerry, Sage, Verisign, Zebra Technologies, SunGard, Symantec, Coca-Cola, Red Hat, and Oracle, to name a few.
Brian is like Indiana Jones—minus the archaeology. When he’s not CCO-ing around Bulldog, you can bet Maschler is off on some outdoor adventure. An avid runner, climber, and boarder (snow, skate…ironing), he’s always up for a fun physical challenge.

Latest from Brian Maschler

Bulldog + Hero | Building a B2B Hub in Austin

After almost twelve years, I’m no longer going to be a Bulldog. But given the circumstances, I couldn’t be more excited about that. Let me get back to that in a moment.

I’m at a professional inflection point.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you should be too.

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3 Creative Ideas for ABM Direct Mail

I’m not here to extol the benefits of direct mail. That’s trodden ground. No, I’m on a bigger mission: to unsuck B2B marketing. And today I’m focusing on direct mail—because it's a particularly expensive place to suck.  

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How to Avoid Face Planting with Personalized Video

I was recently discussing a video campaign idea with a B2B marketer who asked me, “Before we move ahead, what’s the ROI of doing this video?” I presume she was hoping I’d say “$1 million!” or “500% return!”—but, as we all know, that’s impossible to predict.

There are videos that outperform every possible expectation, and there are videos that completely flop. In my work with enterprise B2B brands on video strategies over the last decade, I’ve seen my share of both.

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Bulldog Executive Leadership

Rob Solomon

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Nothing—and we mean nothing—gets past this dude. Rob can smell an unturned stone at 100 paces, and he won’t rest until every logical flaw is vanquished. Lucky for us, he’s also one of the most likable and down-to-earth people we know.

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Randy Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless, purple-and-gold-clad leader loves three things above all else: his family, LSU sports, and Bulldog. Only Randy can keep us all laughing and engaged whether we’re celebrating victories at a company-wide happy hour or poring over tedious spreadsheets.

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Chris Parisi

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

If we had a dime for every time someone said, “Talk to Chris about it,” we’d be swimming in them. Our illustrious COO/CTO is the glue that holds us all together with endless patience, supernatural “techspertise”—and lots of chewing gum.

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Robin Campana

Vice President of Finance

Bulldog’s finances are locked securely in the long horns of this proud UT alumnus. Award-winning money maven by day, beekeeping fantasy football commissioner by night, Robin keeps us all on budget, on track, and on (decimal) point.

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Willow J. McIndoo

Director of Talent & Human Resources

Never have we known a person whose name so aptly fits them as Willow J. McIndoo. Her breezy approachability is rooted in confidence, nurtured by deep HR experience, and positively blooming with the kind of wisdom only a cat-loving bibliophile could possess.

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