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B2B Strategy & Planning Realigned

Building insights into every part of your strategy—and plan—is critical in complex B2B. Understand your audience. Lean into the buyer’s journey. Re-envision what strategy and planning look like.

Knowing your business is our business.

At Bulldog, our job is simple: We’re committed to understanding everything we possibly can about your customers. Stay ahead of changing buying behaviors with a team that puts you first. From workshops to intensive audits to full-funnel analyses, Bulldog combines quantitative and qualitative data to keep you in front.

Marketing strategy built on actual insight.

Multiple decision-makers. Longer sales cycles. Bigger lifts. If you’re in complex B2B, you know strategy is critical. At Bulldog, we study everything—market trends, the buyer’s journey, the competitive landscape, your target audience’s unique concerns—to find opportunities and build strategy into the heart of your battle plan.

Take an audience-centric approach to planning.

Competitive insights feed your marketing plan—and an audience-focused strategy informs it. When you’re trying to “break through the noise,” it’s important to know where the white space is. At Bulldog, we help you master the buyer’s journey with a team that understands the complexities of B2B.

Realign My Strategy

Bulldog is much more than audience-centric. They take time to understand more about your audience than you’ll ever know. Other agencies care more about the brand. Bulldog is focused on the audience…audience insights, personas, and journey mindset.

The Full B2B Strategy & Planning Mix

  • B2B Marketing Consulting and Insights

  • Primary and Secondary Research

  • Audience Insights

    • Persona and Profile Development

    • Buyer’s Journey Mapping

    • Lifecycle Journey Mapping

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Experience Audit

  • Media Audit

  • Content Audit and Gap Analysis

  • Analytics Maturity Assessment

  • Audience Segmentation Analysis

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Demand Strategy

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Messaging Development

    • Messaging Platform Design

    • Value Proposition Design

    • Messaging Strategy Workshopping

  • Campaign and Program Design

    • Communication Architecture

    • Campaign Planning Workshopping

  • Integrated Marketing Planning

  • Campaign and Program Development

  • Message Mapping

  • Content Mapping

  • Analytics and Optimization

  • Performance Measurement

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Message Testing

  • User Testing

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