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B2B Marketing Technology Rewired

Complex B2B means complex marketing technology. But sometimes, the tech that’s supposed to drive results holds you back. It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s all one big data problem.

Marketing automation, lead management, CRM instances—we get it, martech can feel complicated. That’s why we “lean in” and zoom in on actionable data that gets you to your KPIs. Lead management automation? Platform integrations? Comprehensive campaign reports? You’ve got it.

Smarter marketing technology, simpler tech stacks.

Bulldog gives you a deep bench of in-house experts to scale—or streamline—your current tech stack. From marketing automation platforms like Eloqua, Marketo®, and Pardot to CRM solutions like Salesforce, success starts with a strong foundation.

Test. Optimize. Test again.

It’s a dynamic marketing world, and your tech stack is never “finished.” Whether it’s a nurture campaign, your CRM instance, or some other part of your martech stack, Bulldog tests and optimizes every piece of the puzzle.

Rewire My Martech

Bulldog provided strategy, compelling creative, and technical execution, which became a leading factor in us winning the Channel Program of the Year for Demand Creation. It was a career highlight, and I thank Bulldog for playing such a strategic role in helping us receive that recognition.

The Full B2B Martech Mix

  • Consulting

  • ABM Readiness Assessment

  • Marketing Technology and Automation Assessment

  • Lead Management Assessment

  • Campaign Management Assessment

  • Nurture Strategy Assessment

  • Database Assessment

  • Strategy

  • Martech Roadmap Development

  • ABM Roadmap Development

  • Marketing Attribution Design

  • Demand Waterfall Design

  • Data and Systems Integration Design

  • Campaign Execution

  • Landing Page Development

  • Lead Nurturing Development

  • Lead Scoring and Routing Development

  • Delivery Management

  • Data Management

    • Intent Data Administration

    • Data Validation

    • Data Cleanse and Append

  • Analytics and Optimization

  • Testing and Tracking Framework Development

  • Always-On Campaign Reporting and Optimization

  • Attribution Reporting and Management

  • Performance Dashboard Development

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