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B2B Analytics Refreshed

Measuring every touchpoint is critical in complex B2B. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it—or improve it.

Take control of your customer data.

Connect the dots between the first touch—and the big sale. At Bulldog, we’ve tailored our approach to analytics exclusively to complex B2B, giving you control over your customer data with actionable insights into every step of the buyer’s journey.

Rethink what engagement means.

Bulldog brings an expert team to redefine your internal marketing analytics, helping you pull otherwise hidden insights from every touchpoint. Data assessments, multi-touch attribution, infrastructure testing—everything you need to rethink what engagement means in B2B.

Battle-tested analytics come standard.

Bulldog applies in-depth analytics to every part of your marketing mix, building measurement frameworks that are specifically tailored to you. From creative to media to martech, customizable dashboards and reports make it easy to see how your marketing stacks up.

Refresh My Analytics

The Full B2B Analytics Mix

  • Campaign and Client Reporting

  • Dashboard and Report Development

  • Client Satisfaction Analysis

  • Campaign and Activity Assessment

  • Insight-Rich Analytics

  • Opportunity Funnel Assessment

  • Touchpoint Analysis and Attribution

  • Segmentation and Target Analysis

  • Brand Awareness and Reach Analysis

  • Data-Driven Consulting

  • Data Assessment

  • Analytical Infrastructure and Process Assessment

  • Analytical Partner Recommendations and Facilitation

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