The Short Version

Sage was missing valuable sales opportunities with customers who recently purchased its construction and real estate (CRE) solutions. So, the creative minds at Bulldog developed a strategy to turn past customers back into prospects by keeping them engaged.

The Opportunity

The goal? A better way to keep customers engaged after purchase.

Sage delivers smart technology solutions that make it easier for businesses to manage accounting, payroll, operations, and HR, among other things. Over the years, Bulldog has worked closely with Sage to develop and optimize a strong lead-nurture program for Sage’s CRE division. But while the original nurture program saw success, Sage would often lose contact with customers after they made their initial purchases. This meant the company was missing a crucial window of time to approach those customers with valuable add-ons, upgrades, and new software offerings.

The Solution

Transform a linear customer lifecycle into a continuous buyer's journey—or infinity loop.

Bulldog and Sage envisioned a new customer lifecycle that broke free of the company’s linear model and aligned with the on-the-ground sales journey. Together, the two companies worked to build an “infinity loop” that bridged the gap between the initial sales nurture and post-purchase reengagement to create a single, continuous sales cycle. With the new program in place, Sage had a blueprint for continually sparking conversations long after the initial purchase, as customers implemented their software and progressed through each stage of usage. This gave Sage multiple opportunities to show CRE professionals how to overcome their latest challenges with the help of add-on software, updates, and new products.

Re-imagining the Customer Journey the Bulldog Way

Re-imagining the Customer Journey the Bulldog Way

Bulldog developed a full-funnel, continuous customer journey (dubbed the “infinity loop”) that accounted for the post-purchase experience—and actively sought to turn prospects and new customers into repeat customers.

Zooming in on the Customer Experience

Redrafted Customer Communications