The Short Version

Faced with an influx of fresh competition, a first-of-its-kind company teamed up with Bulldog to maintain its top-dog status. The winning plan? Refining its search strategy to better align its messaging around customer intent, leading to a 32% increase in overall website traffic.

The Opportunity

Plummeting leads and strong competition turning up the heat.

Despite being in an industry that was quickly growing, declining sales and deteriorating leads were causing anxiety among leadership. More concerning still was the company’s lack of search engine optimization (SEO) expertise. Tasked with overturning an alarming drop in website visitors and leads converted, it turned to Bulldog to reverse the trend.

Joining forces, marketing leadership worked with Bulldog to overhaul its approach to paid and organic search to improve its search rankings for key terms clients and prospects were searching for.

The Solution

Develop a new site and marketing strategy around customer search behavior.

Bulldog began by transforming the search strategy with one overarching goal—align all marketing efforts to its buyers’ intent. After a rigorous evaluation of long-tail keywords and competitive coverage, Bulldog developed a comprehensive campaign that mapped directly to the buyer's journey.

The next step: Redesigning the website around high-volume search activity. This meant updating all website content and corporate messaging to better coordinate the user experience (UX) with customer expectations.

Bulldog developed a campaign using creative display ads, emails, and landing pages around buyer intent using personalized content that dynamically populated around the viewer’s personal needs. Bulldog also improved overall site maintenance and hygiene practices, including ad group maintenance and its programmatic bid allocation strategy.

This approach paid off in spades, helping cement bigger deals with prospects, while also offering enough flexibility to reach a broader audience and increase overall impressions and engagement metrics.

The Results

In less than a year, Bulldog brought back a competitive edge to this first-of-its-kind company.


Increase in overall website traffic


Increase in global lead volume through search channels


Decrease in cost-per-lead through search channels