Bottomline Case Study

Mission Possible:
Opening the Door to the C-Suite

A bold approach to account-based marketing
One of the most clever things I’ve seen—amazingly well done, professional and made me want to see more. Most mailings, phone calls and letters never make it through my front-line defenses. The [campaign] broke through my barriers.
—Chief Security Information Officer
at Top Tier Bank
36% Conversion Rate
Among C-Level Executives
The Campaign

Bottomline Technologies went beyond the fray of traditional tactics to create a bold account-based marketing (ABM) program using a hyperpersonal, digitally enabled and digitally tracked premium mailer to get the attention of senior-level executives while delivering a wildly creative digital experience—physically.
See how we helped them do it.
Bottomline Technologies helps companies optimize financially oriented operations and build deeper customer and partner relationships by providing a trusted and easy-to-use set of cloud-based digital banking, fraud prevention, payment, financial document, insurance and healthcare solutions. Over 10,000 corporations, financial institutions and banks benefit from Bottomline solutions.
Cloud-based solutions to improve mobile and web security
Bottomline sought to secure meetings with C-level decision-makers with a select group of strategic accounts to introduce this exciting new offering. Realizing that engaging C-suite executives is nearly impossible, they knew they needed a smart, creative solution to help break through the noise and grab this elite group’s attention. Leveraging a premium direct mailer, they wanted the campaign to:
  • Pique interest with targeted prospective clients
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Establish Bottomline as a premier provider
  • Convey a sense of partnership
Secure meetings with C-level decision-makers
Bulldog took a bold approach to reach this enterprise target audience. We developed a highly personalized, spy-themed campaign that issued a challenge. The mission, if they chose to accept it, was to take a brief meeting with their “point of contact” at Bottomline Technologies. Of course, a message from an international security organization is rarely delivered in a conventional way. So our account-based marketing (ABM) campaign delivered a digital experience using direct mail.
A highly personalized, spy-themed campaign
How It
Shipped with personalized packaging for each recipient, the mailers provided context and simple instructions for revealing the recipients’ secret message.
First step: Turn on the internet-enabled, hand-held tablet included in the box.
The video featured a “Bond-esque” British actor filmed in his spy lair (the basement wine cellar of a popular Austin, Texas restaurant). He explains the business implications of a new world of fraud threats—and asks the recipient to join the movement to defend against them.
Using a custom app developed for the campaign, recipients were able to push one button on the tablet to cue the video. This app also triggered onscreen calls to action, ensuring an effortless digital experience.
Interactions were tracked in real time and Bottomline received instant notifications so they could make immediate contact. If recipients weren’t ready to accept a meeting, the experience also incorporated a softer call to action: download a white paper offering best practice tips. All data was tracked in Bottomline’s marketing automation platform and CRM system.
The Results & Takeaways

Turns out, C-level security executives are quite adventurous. To date, this program has delivered nearly a 36% conversion from “open” to meeting acceptance.
  • To generate really big results, go beyond storytelling and bring your audience into the story.
  • Rethink your approach for engaging the C-suite; emails aren’t enough.
  • To go big, you’ll need to persuade skeptical business leaders to be bold and take a smart risk.
  • It’s possible to digitize a dimensional mailer: tracking opens, engagement and conversion.
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How are you opening the door to the C-suite?
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