B2B Perspectives

How to Avoid Face Planting with Personalized Video

I was recently discussing a video campaign idea with a B2B marketer who asked me, “Before we move ahead, what’s the ROI of doing this video?” I presume she was hoping I’d say “$1 million!” or “500% return!”—but, as we all know, that’s impossible to predict.

There are videos that outperform every possible expectation, and there are videos that completely flop. In my work with enterprise B2B brands on video strategies over the last decade, I’ve seen my share of both.

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Becoming Irresistible

Last summer, a group of Bulldogs attended the Austin Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award luncheon. When we saw all the cool things companies were doing to stand out, our leadership team started to think—how can we be among the best? How can Bulldog Solutions become a more irresistible place to work?

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Your 7-Step Checklist to Creating Content That Works

In our previous blog, we wrote about “naked content,” our theory that high-quality content cannot stand on its own. In this installment, we will give you a practical “before, during and after” guide to make sure you don’t leave your content exposed.

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Three Steps to Creating a Culture That Embraces Metrics That Suck

There’s a disconnect between what we say as B2B executives and marketing leaders and how we lead and act on the metrics we ask for and celebrate. It’s time to follow through on what we say we believe and embrace metrics that suck—or that just don’t seem quite right. Here are three actions to take today to change the way we look at metrics.

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Quality Assurance: It’s More Than Just Proofreading

What are the top things you look for when choosing a marketing agency? A portfolio of stunning creative work is almost always high on the list. Technological know-how and industry knowledge are usually highly desired as well. One thing you might not initially consider, however, is the agency’s quality assurance (QA) process.

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Confessions of a 21st-Century Mad Man

The agency business is hard. Really hard. To be successful, you have to work your ass off. You have to stay current on so many new emerging trends and technologies. And to do that well, you have to constantly be on the prowl for the right talent with fresh digital and creative skills.

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