B2B Perspectives

Time to Engage: Why Interactive Content Should Be the Focus of Your Next B2B Campaign

As a marketer, ask yourself: What kinds of messages am I sending out to my customer base? Are they general and untargeted? Or are they just the opposite—relevant, valuable messages that are tailored to each individual prospect? If it’s the latter, then congrats—you’re ahead of the curve. But if you’re still flooding your client base with pointless, unrelated messages, here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing interactive content in your next campaign.

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On Being Agile

Agile has become yet another overused buzz word in the modern marketing lexicon. It sits up there with other bullsh*t bingo buzzwords like paradigm, strategic, integrated and best practice...

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The 4 Values of an Effective B2B Marketer

A couple of years ago, our leadership team spent some time defining the qualities that we cared most about; the attributes we hire by and look for in great clients. We feel strongly that these four qualities make the best B2B marketers...

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