May 18, 2016 : 0-minute read


Urgency | Filling up gas tank

At the end of the day, urgency is the thing that we, as B2B marketers, are always striving to create. How do we get our customers and prospects to read our blog, register for our webcast, join our community, take our meeting or attend our conference? And do we get them to choose us?

Things I consider urgent:

  • Filing my tax return (or extension) on April 15
  • Putting gas in my car when the low fuel warning light goes on
  • Buying a card and flowers for my wife on Valentine’s Day

So the billion-dollar question does one create urgency around network security or cloud computing or the Internet of Things? I’m not sure I know the answer—but I know that I’m afraid of the IRS, I would feel really dumb if I ran out of gas, and with respect to my wife...well, you know.

If your sales and marketing efforts could use a boost, I suggest you focus on your customers. What keeps them up at night?

Just some food for thought.