Time to Engage: Why Interactive Content Should Be the Focus of Your Next B2B Campaign

October 18 2018

Time to Engage: Why Interactive Content Should Be the Focus of Your Next B2B Campaign

As a marketer, ask yourself: What kinds of messages am I sending out to my customer base? Are they general and untargeted? Or are they just the opposite—relevant, valuable messages that are tailored to each individual prospect? If it’s the latter, then congrats—you’re ahead of the curve. But if you’re still flooding your client base with pointless, unrelated messages, here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing interactive content in your next campaign.

But first, let’s start off with what interactive content actually is. Interactive content is any type of user experience that requires the user to participate/engage with the content and in turn receive real-time, relevant results they care about. Interactive content can come in many shapes and sizes, but is seen most often in the forms of surveys, interactive infographics, quizzes, calculators, and online assessments. And though they differ in format, all of them can be used to gather important data and insights about your audience. Long gone are the days of only knowing simple demographic data (e.g., a prospect’s name and job title). Interactive content is a personalized, user-focused initiative that allows you to create context about who the prospect is, what they care about, and where they are in the buyer’s journey.

You’re probably asking, “why should I care about interactive content?” Well, as white papers, case studies, and countless online guides saturate the marketing landscape, 91% of buyers are now looking for more immersive, relevant, and valuable content. Content that stands out and makes users feel understood, heard, and valued, but is also relevant to their business needs.

Rather than providing content that attempts to tell audiences who and how they are and what they want or need, interactive content listens. It allows users to tell you about their areas of interest, pain points, and needs, which in turn allows you to supply them with more relevant content throughout the stages of your engagement.

From that engagement, you’ll gather valuable data that can inform how you continue to connect with and convert prospects—a tactic that works all the way down the sales funnel. Use interactive content at the top of the funnel to bring awareness to your company and the services you provide. Mid-funnel, use your content to gain more in-depth insight about what exactly your audience is seeking, and by the time you get to the bottom of the funnel, you and your audience will know why you’d be the perfect candidate to solve their business problem.

To put it simply, people love to talk and learn about themselves. And what’s a better way to learn about someone than having them tell you themselves? We’ve put it to the test and we know this kind of personalization works. Our personal use of interactive content has seen a 27.33% click-to-open rate and over 200 leads generated from a single campaign. But if you’re still unsure on what interactive content can do for your future marketing campaigns, check out "The Definitive Guide to Interactive Content: Leveraging assessments to engage, motivate, and understand your audience"

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