Sales Enablement Techstravaganza 2019

May 20 2019

Sales Enablement Techstravaganza 2019

Most people think of the SiriusDecisions Summit as a premiere marketing conference. That’s a limiting perception though. In fact, a significant percentage of the attendees at the conference are from Sales leadership roles. The top level (“premier”) sponsors of the event were Bigtincan and Salesforce; both sales tech.

With Sales leaders there in force, sales enablement seemed to have a starring role at this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit. That shouldn’t be a surprise since 72 percent of high-performing organizations say they are greatly or significantly expanding sales enablement.

Because sales enablement was such a prominent topic at the event, here are my observations from the discussions at the summit:

Great content can be a catalyst for winning deals.

This year, SiriusDecisions shared how integral sales interactions are to the buyers’ journey and how content can make or break that deal. 79 percent of B2B buyers said that the content provided by sales is “very to extremely influential” in making their vendor selection. In addition, buyers are craving more content in all parts of the buyer’s journey.

Coming from an award-winning B2B content marketing agency, this trend continues to validate the importance of creating amazing content. I know just how challenging that is.

Allego: Getting sales professionals off on the right foot

As much as 20 percent of staff turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment. If you want your reps to thrive, they need comprehensive onboarding.

Finastra was spending a lot of money in travel expenses sending their sales team to in-person training programs each month. But the timing was rarely ideal as some sales people had to wait until their fourth week on the job to get the training.

To combat this issue, they deployed Allego to develop an online training platform to certify the sales reps. After the reps went through extensive training online, they met in person with the company where they could ask questions about things they learned.

Then, the company used gamification to ensure each sales rep could pitch the company by asking each rep to submit a short video on their pitch where their peers would vote on the best video. They attained 99 percent participation.

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Bigtincan: Sales enablement at the touch of your mobile phone

Disseminating content from Marketing to Sales is often where sales enablement programs fall short.

Bigtincan’s observation of the market went like this: “While customers have gone digital and mobile, the tools that sales, marketing and service people use to do their jobs are not optimized for today’s connected world. Legacy web portals, and other disparate sales tools are not delivering functionality, intelligence, and agility.”  

So, Bigtincan set out to create a mobile-first solution for modern seller enablement. As a premier sponsor of the event ($$$), you could say that Bigtincan is kind of a big tin can deal. Founded in Sydney, Australia just eight years ago, Bigtincan now boasts offices in Boston, London, Israel, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Singapore and Glasgow.

They showcased how Anheuser-Busch used their platform to deliver content to their 15K US sales team. Their marketing team piloted the platform in a small market to test interest and usability, before rolling out to more regions.

The central marketing team at Anheuser-Busch locked in a few brand parameters, but allowed their sales team to customize the marketing material to fit the regional and individual preferences. And it’s paying off. The company has strengthened their relationships with wholesalers and has seen a significant boost in sales.  

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Brainshark: More training = more sales

71 percent of sales reps say their lack of knowledge was the main reason they could not close deals. That means a robust training program for your sales team is imperative.

Accuity has a very small training department with big ambitions. They partnered with Brainshark to create an online training program that will provide continuous learning to 500 reps. The team relied on product experts across the organization to help develop the materials. They set up video coaching certifications to allow reps to continue to grow.

Results? Brainshark can draw compelling overlaps between the most active reps in the platform and the most successful sellers.

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Interested in attending next year?

The SiriusDecisions Summit will be in Austin for the next three years. We’d love to see you here (home to Bulldog headquarters). Let us know you’re coming and we’ll show you some local love.


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