17 Lucky Marketing Limericks

March 17 2016

17 Lucky Marketing Limericks

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! In honor of everyone’s favorite beer-drinking holiday, the Bulldog team put their thinking caps on and came up with some fun limericks about all things marketing. Browse a few of our favorites below to get in the spirit and enjoy a chuckle or two on us!

The Marketing Technology landscape is chocked full
Of hundreds of software applications and tools.
What should your company choose?
Which ones will you actually use?
You may feel like you need to go back to school.

Amy Griswold, Marketing Campaigns Team Lead

‘Twas a bloke from north of Manchester,
Blew in like a dreaded Nor'wester.
Said, “I know how to sell.”
So we asked him, Do tell?”
He said email them until you pester.

Stephen Turley, Technology and Data Strategy Practice Leader

Your email was addressed to a name.
Sadly, mine wasn't the same.
Was I at the wrong computer?
Should I call a trouble shooter?
No, your data was just lame.

Joseph Armstrong, Director of Marketing Technology

Bulldog is known far and near
As a marketing agency without peer
So, hard we shall work
And no challenge shall we shirk
But come 3:00 Friday, it’s time for beer.

Gary Peterson, Marketing Technology Consultant

Some fine lads there were from our pound
Who thought software would surely resound
Traded in their dog bone
For a Nonagon honey-comb
Come to Happy Hour, they’ll buy you a round.

Randy Watson, President & CEO

Account-Based Marketing, a buzzword for sure
But there’s a good reason it’s the topic du jour
When budgets are modest or perhaps even flat,
And Sales needs some leads to be pulled from your hat,
Personalized experiences for fewer… may just be the cure

Brian Maschler, Executive Creative Director

A campaign was once composed,
To shift the prospects opposed.
Its message was succinct,
And rationalized in a blink.
All opportunities were closed.

Joseph Armstrong, Director of Marketing Technology

Bulldog Solutions is what?
B2B marketing that’s HOT!
We do global campaigns
Hence your profit sustains
And your business won’t break down and ROT!

LaDana Ard, Project Manager

When Sales and Marketing are aligned,
You have a meeting of the minds.
Marketing only passes over leads that are promising;
Sales follows up and provides feedback, no questioning;
And everyone wins with SLAs clearly defined.

Amy Griswold, Marketing Campaigns Team Lead

There once was a marketer who said
My campaign ROI's in the red!
Does my messaging suck?
Uh oh, I'm out of luck.
I know! Let me call Bulldog instead.

Erin Riggs, Group Strategy Director

A prospect showed buying behavior.
They were deemed the quarter's savior.
Their profile was a great fit.
And we got an early commit.
But in the end it was vapor.

Joseph Armstrong, Director of Marketing Technology

With I before E except after C,
Grammar really should be quite easy.
But along come lay and lie,
And there, they're and their—oh, my!
You’re your own worst enemy.

Kendra Brown, Quality Assurance

The moral is really quite clear,
All the Marketing experts are here!
Our Demand Gen experts,
Will work ‘til it hurts.
Hire Bulldog and you’ll have no fear!

Stephen Turley, Technology and Data Strategy Practice Leader

Our agency is creative and oh, so much fun
We employ super smart people who get so much stuff done
To get hired by us
Can be very tough
If you’re not curious, courageous or get S@*T done.

Rob Solomon, Chief Strategy Officer

A poor marketer hailed from Nantucket.
Threw all of his leads in a bucket.
Nurture? No way!
They’ll come back here some way.
As for strategy, we just say…

Stephen Turley, Technology and Data Strategy Practice Leader

You say this Lead is a MAL
But your scoring is afoul.
The threshold is so low,
That everyone gets a go.
Call and hear them growl!

Joseph Armstrong, Director of Marketing Technology

The Limerick challenge is tough
A chance to show the right stuff
I checked all my puns
Found I had none
Poetry at Bulldog is ruff!

Devin Curry, Strategic Sales Analyst

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