Agency Services


At Bulldog, we’re not trying to be everything for everyone. But since 2002, we’ve worked hard to fine-tune the critical services and support an enterprise B2B marketer needs to be successful. We’re a strategic partner that provides insights and direction for your planning, marketing tech stack support and turnkey marketing programs ranging from demand creation to customer advocacy.

Strategic Planning

President Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” We couldn’t agree more. Rather than a once-and-done activity, planning should be a regular dialogue. That said, the investment required to put content in front of your audience for testing isn’t trivial. At Bulldog, we engage the best brains in the agency for plenty of collaborative, data-informed debate before making any recommendations to our clients. But our plans are only as successful as they are agile: we adapt our clients’ programs regularly based on performance metrics.

  • Integrated marketing planning
  • Content (analysis, planning, creation)

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Marketing Technology Services

From data hygiene to systems implementation and integration, few agencies understand the modern marketing technology landscape like Bulldog. We’re certified experts in Oracle, Marketo, Salesforce and many other enterprise-ready marketing platforms. We’ve been designing and optimizing technology stacks for enterprise organizations for well over 15 years now. But our primary goal is to maximize the investments that our clients have already made. That’s always the best place to start.

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Marketing Programs

As you know, a great plan and a tech stack aren’t going to satisfy your Sales team. They need marketing-generated pipeline. That requires more than strategists and marketing technology gurus—it takes experienced practitioners. Writers, designers, developers, project managers, account leadership and quality assurance teams—a small army of veteran B2B marketers that are required in right-sized doses to create impactful content and campaign experiences. Our clients are struggling to deploy, measure and analyze program performance. We’re their pressure relief valve.

  • Demand Creation
  • Opportunity Acceleration
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Influencer-Advocate Marketing

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