RIAs to the Rescue

TD Ameritrade Institutional, a leading brokerage and custody services platform for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), turned to Bulldog to engage RIAs in a quick and fun experience that also laid the groundwork for a deeper conversation about their values and business goals.

The RIAs to the Rescue assessment is a short, social-style quiz that generates a superhero character based an advisor’s self-assessed greatest professional strength. The quiz asks a series of superhero themed questions that actually each map back to an area of practice management support in the client services division of TD Ameritrade. Each answer triggers a specific touchpoint in the ongoing email nurture that follows the assessment, creating a customized nurture program tailored to an advisors unique set of strengths, motivations and needs.

Combining the instant gratification of the superhero reveal with the long lasting value of tailored, business-minded content, the assessment breaks new ground in how TD Ameritrade is connecting with their clients and prospects.


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