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How "Confident" Are You Planning to the Mean?

 People are basically optimists. If we weren’t, we would never start businesses and probably wouldn’t leave our homes in the morning.  Taking risks is in our DNA and has served our species well over millennia as we’ve developed the technologies that we now use in everyday life.  That said, there are times when we want to mitigate the risks that we’re taking, where we want to hedge against things going wrong. Does your approach to marketing planning build in such a hedge within common statistical considerations?  I bet not.

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Dynamic planning as marketing transformation

“Our plan is locked.”

This all-too-common refrain from B2B marketing leaders is typically the culmination of months of work. And it’s often intended to convey a sense of common purpose across the organization and final alignment with the rest of the company. But should it be true?

We all know how it goes. Q3 rolls around and the forecasts for the next fiscal year start to circulate. Marketing leaders have to respond to corporate objectives with a plan that triangulates product launches, acquisition targets, install base goals, competitive pressures, regional objectives, corporate initiatives and more. Then comes the back-and-forth planning diplomacy—a thankless effort to keep your stakeholders happy.

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Why you are not organized for effective marketing automation: Part 4

Hire or train? Obtaining the right skills for your organization.

We learned in the last edition that roles and responsibilities vary widely, depending on the organizational model your organization employs. Expectations of the very same title in one model may vary widely from expectations in another. As expectations and responsibilities vary, so do the related skill sets and demeanors of the individuals in those positions. So, how will you acquire those necessary skill sets to manage a Demand Center? Further, how will you balance those skills against the personality required to flourish in your particular organizational model?

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Why you are not organized for effective marketing automation: Part 3

How to fit the right model to your organizational objectives.

We learned last week that each of the organizational models is best suited to overall business goals and the existing organization’s tolerance for new skills and change. In that exercise, we reviewed a short survey of characteristics that might help shape the direction of your organization toward one of the three models: a) integrated automation, b) distributed demand center or c) centralized demand center.

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Why you are not organized for effective marketing automation: Part 2

How to fit the right model to your organizational objectives

We learned in the last edition that converting from traditional marketing to automated marketing has a major impact on your organization’s Marketing team. Beyond new skills, your team has to adapt the new technology to your processes, and this requires establishing the correct type of organization to accomplish your objectives. The three very different organizational models are:

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Bulldog provides a SaaS-based marketing solution that helps companies track their B2B marketing plans. “We interviewed many CMOs and asked them where their overall marketing plan was,” says Darin Hicks, CEO of Bulldog. “Surprisingly, most of them did not know.”

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Austin Business Journal

Bulldog Solutions, an Austin-based marketing technology firm with 75 employees, announced its first new clients to take advantage of the company's new Gameplan marketing software that was developed to analyze and find inefficiencies in marketing plans of major corporations.

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Bulldog Wins Three CMA Awards

CMA's awarded to Bulldog campaigns for Sungard and Sage across three categories.

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Markie Finalists Announced

Bulldog's campaign for Freescale semiconductors is a finalist for the 2014 Markies in Most Creative Marketing Campaign category.

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