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September 1, 2015

The What, Why and How of Lead Source Tracking

As an agency partner, we work with a number of enterprise B2B clients to define their lead management process. From sales and marketing alignment workshops to lead scoring and lead source tracking, we have seen our fair share of business use cases and processes. Although each model Bulldog generates is client specific, we start each new engagement with our internal definitions in mind.  Here’s the what, why and how of the Bulldog method for lead source tracking.

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July 11, 2015

4 Pillars of Healthy Brand-Agency Relationships

Feel like you are stuck on an out-of-control bumper cars ride? Manage the chaos by focusing on building healthy client-agency relationships.In today’s B2B marketing landscape, marketers are facing constant change. Customers, prospects and brands have an unending relationship made up of interactions that span far beyond those that marketing can control, and the rate of how quickly a brand can transform based on those interactions creates a chaotic environment. One thing is clear though, it’s a customer-first world.

Within an agency, there is a distinct flavor of chaos. As the chaos spins around you, however – not unlike a sadistic amusement park ride – it is critical that agency representatives focus not just on the latest project but also on making sure that the basic pillars of healthy client relationships are maintained.

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July 9, 2015

A Marketing Automation Specialist’s Guide to Email Deployments

Marketing Automation is a goalie for the marketing teamI have a confession: I am a Marketing Automation Specialist and the most stressful part of my job is hitting send on an email deployment.

At Bulldog, we have a number of people who touch an email. This ranges from the copywriter to the HTML coder to the QA specialist, but often, I feel like the goalie. It takes a team of people to get the email ready for deployment, but hitting the “send” button is in my hands and it feels like success or failure is all on me. With hundreds of deployments under my belt, I have gained a lot of experience perfecting these last few pieces of a campaign. Here’s the audit I perform before deploying an email in order to make hitting send a little less stressful.

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June 25, 2015

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Get Aligned or Fall Behind

Sales and Marketing AlignmentGone are the days when marketing and sales could sit on opposite ends of the office pointing fingers at one another. Technological advances, like CRM and automation software, along with a shift in customer behavior have brought these two previously feuding organizations closer by necessity. And why shouldn’t sales and marketing work together? They might be two completely different functions, but they’re charged with the same goal: to increase revenue. They’re beginning to realize that they can’t achieve that goal without some serious and ongoing collaboration.  

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June 20, 2015

Marketing: A Beautiful Game

Marketing A Beautiful GameThe phrase "The Beautiful Game" means something profound to football fans all over the world. I first discovered it watching the Euro 2008 tournament. I quickly became a Germany fan because of the way they played. They were technical and calculated...and also had cool names like "Schweinsteiger." Those first two attributes the modern day marketer also needs to embrace and embody. Germany was up against the Spanish, who play "Tiki-taka" style football with short passes, working the ball through various channels (not to mention flopping). Just like in football, a great marketer needs to move campaigns through different channels and be poised to respond to threats and opportunities. 

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