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Bulldog Gameplan™ Software Gives Boost™ to Enterprise Marketing Plans

AUSTIN, TX—April 2, 2014—Bulldog Solutions, a marketing technology company for B2B enterprises, unveiled Boost™, a new intelligent marketing mix optimization module of Bulldog Gameplan™, a SaaS-based enterprise marketing planning application. Boost™ helps marketing leaders benchmark their marketing plan performance and then recommends specific improvements to drive additional revenue. Read more»

Are your marketing plans stuck in the proverbial stone age?

Imagine a scenario where marketers could maximize the ROI of every dollar spent. Where planning cycles were accelerated and time to marketing pipeline was weeks not quarters long. Image a planning process so streamlined marketers could model and predict their impact on revenue before they spent a dime. To deliver on these demands, marketing leaders have become more activity focused—executing more campaigns, programs and tactics into their markets. Read more»

Does your marketing organization know what they’re doing? Yes, you just don’t realize it.

Being a marketer is not easy. Target audiences change, demands fluctuate and become more severe, and the pressure to prove your worth never ceases. Literally. Top marketing professionals such as Christine Moorman, director of The CMO Survey, even invest time and resources to research this trend.  There is no question that marketers work hard, and under intense pressure. So why do other departments (i.e., Sales, Client Services, etc. Read more»

Bulldog Launches Software Application for Marketers

AUSTIN, TX—February 6, 2014—Bulldog, a marketing technology company for BtoB enterprises has launched Bulldog Gameplan™, a SaaS-based application that creates integrated and results-driven BtoB marketing plans. Gameplan was developed for marketing executives to collaborate, plan and model the full spectrum of marketing activities to deliver measurable business results. Read more»

Bulldog Continues Transformation by Announcing New Vice President of Engineering

AUSTIN, TX—February 3, 2014—Bulldog, a marketing technology company for b-to-b enterprises has announced the recent appointment of Ben Gawiser to vice president of Engineering. In his role, Gawiser will oversee the engineering functions including software development, user interface design and product management. The announcement follows the company’s investment in software technology, and will bolster its suite of marketing technology services. Read more»

Content Planning: Don’t let it get the best of you

Creative block. We’ve all endured it at some point. Urgent deadlines to deliver content that captivates the right audience at the right time through the right channel can sometimes result in content overload. Just like the lack of creative thoughts, too much information can be troubling for content writers because it can hinder organization and timely delivery. But, fret not. There are ways to plan and organize your content in such a way that keeps the momentum going. Read more»

The truth about tactics: Four expert opinions

If you’ve been following Bulldog’s BtoB prediction series this month, then you’ve read a lot of “techie” material, and for obvious reasons—it’s a dominant factor in BtoB marketing. But, I figured I would start to wrap things up this year, with few expert opinions from a slightly less technical approach. Today, many marketers spew individual marketing tactics at prospects and call them campaigns (e.g. Read more»

Marketers and technologists, united they stand

With marketing technologies on the rise, collaboration between BtoB marketers and technologists has become more prevalent and will continue to be a high priority throughout 2014. “Marketing is about technology and the marketers that embrace technology and the ability to work with technologists function at a higher level,” says Naylor Gray, Bulldog’s Director of Media Services. Read more»

The Power of Integration in 2014

The need for improved data integration in BtoB marketing is obvious. Without integration, marketers may waste their efforts on activities that aren’t nearly as actionable as they could or should be. Marketing technology is designed to equip marketers with the data management and analytics required to meet those challenges. But, without fully integrated data, marketers aren’t harnessing the true value of their marketing automation platforms. Read more»

Bulldog’s BtoB Predictions for 2014: The sophisticated use of data

Earlier this week, we kicked off our BtoB prediction series with a focus on marketing technology with a hint of data, but there’s always more to say about data and how it should be handled. Yours truly was lucky enough to sit down with Bulldog’s Vice President of Technology, Chris Parisi, and get his expert opinion on data today and going forward. Read more»



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