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June 25, 2015

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Get Aligned or Fall Behind

Sales and Marketing AlignmentGone are the days when marketing and sales could sit on opposite ends of the office pointing fingers at one another. Technological advances, like CRM and automation software, along with a shift in customer behavior have brought these two previously feuding organizations closer by necessity. And why shouldn’t sales and marketing work together? They might be two completely different functions, but they’re charged with the same goal: to increase revenue. They’re beginning to realize that they can’t achieve that goal without some serious and ongoing collaboration.  

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June 20, 2015

Marketing: A Beautiful Game

Marketing A Beautiful GameThe phrase "The Beautiful Game" means something profound to football fans all over the world. I first discovered it watching the Euro 2008 tournament. I quickly became a Germany fan because of the way they played. They were technical and calculated...and also had cool names like "Schweinsteiger." Those first two attributes the modern day marketer also needs to embrace and embody. Germany was up against the Spanish, who play "Tiki-taka" style football with short passes, working the ball through various channels (not to mention flopping). Just like in football, a great marketer needs to move campaigns through different channels and be poised to respond to threats and opportunities. 

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June 17, 2015

Volunteering at Community First Village

Volunteering at Community FirstOn Wednesday, June 10, a group of nearly 20 Bulldogs and their families volunteered at Community First Village in east Austin. Check out our photo slideshow capturing some of the experience, from feeding the goats and cleaning out the chicken coop to mastering the fine art of mulching.

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June 16, 2015

Get the RIGHT Leads in Front of Your Sales Team

Get the right leads in front of your sales teamWhen it comes to leads, finding the right balance of quality and quantity is a challenge marketers are all too familiar with. Sometimes we focus too much on generating enough volume to hit our numbers  that we forget that our numbers are part of a much bigger picture. Increasing volume is not always the right approach and may result in poor lower funnel conversion rates. The whole idea behind implementing lead scoring and lead nurturing is to improve quality, specifically sales readiness, so that it takes fewer leads to hit numbers due to higher conversion rates and an accelerated journey from lead to opportunity.

Maintaining the right balance of quality and quantity for your organization will improve your effectiveness, customer experience and your relationship with sales. That's a win-win-win!  Read this post for a refresher on what a qualified lead should look like and tips on how to improve the sales readiness of your leads.

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June 11, 2015

3 Marketing Lessons from the NBA

Finals Fast Break: 3 Marketing Lessons from the NBA

June. That wonderful time of year when the days last a little longer, the number on the temperature gauge rises, and the rays of the summer sun start beating down on us. But, this page of the calendar also signals one other thing to me: It’s time for the NBA Finals. No matter which two teams are in the hunt for the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in a given year, the Finals are almost always an exciting time (I say almost because of articles like this one). With more than eight months of preseason, regular season and playoff basketball games culminating in a best-of-seven series, the teams know that everything is on the line, and the tension is palpable to everyone watching.

With that pressure cooker of a situation unfolding right now as the Cavaliers hold a 2–1 lead against the Warriors in the hunt for the 2015 title, I wanted to lighten the mood a bit and focus on the marketing efforts of the teams behind the teams in the league. Looking back on the 2014–15 season, here are three marketing lessons you can take away from the NBA.

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